Come as you are! Come when it suits you best!

These two answers caught my imagination when I first asked at a Deanery Meeting what
would be the benefit to the people of St Peters of A Week of Directed Prayer. We were
being addressed by people from some parishes who had enjoyed the richness of the
experience and were keen that others should too. They spoke of being uncertain at first,
fearing they lacked knowledge of the scriptures or were nervous of sharing their feeling
and prayer with another person.

To a woman and man they expressed their delight that they had persevered. They were
exhilarated, challenged and charmed by the opportunity and luxury of finding time in their
day to slow down, pray and reflect and to have the chance to share their insights with
another gentle listener.

I hope people here in St Peter’s will have the same rich experience. Each of our personal
stories is unique. All of us have experienced some of the sorrowful and joyful mysteries of
life and know that through them all we never travel alone. The beauty of God’s presence
sustains and nurtures us on the journey. Our week of guided prayer is a chance to
connect with that presence and to reflect on it and to grow through awareness of God’s
grace active in each of our lives.

We will meet in St Peters Club at 5.00pm on Sunday, 15 October and people will be
able to choose a time in the morning or afternoon or evening for the rest of the week to
chat with a prayer guide. I am looking forward to participating, I hope you can too.

Fr Aidan Galvin CM