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Funeral Readings



At the time of death of a loved one there are so many difficult decisions to be made quickly and among those are organising the Funeral Liturgy. This page contains readings and prayers for the Funeral Mass to help you choose what is fitting for and appropriate for your deceased loved one. You will need to consider the following:




For a funeral, the Readings necessary are as follows:  

  • The First Reading – An Old Testament Reading (options below)
  • A Psalm (options below)
  • The Second Reading – A New Testament Reading (options below)
  • Gospel Acclamation (options below)
  • Prayer of the Faithful (options below)


Given that two readings are required as well as the psalm and Gospel Acclamation, it is normal to have two readers. One reader would do the First Reading and the Psalm and the other would do the Second Reading and the Acclamation. The two readers could then share reading the Prayer of the Faithful.


Here are a selection of Funeral Readings  to choose from. We recommend that you read through all the options, reflect on them as the Word of God and select the ones which seem to speak to you as appropriate for the celebration of the funeral of your loved one. Funeral Masses are not permitted on Sunday in the Diocese of Dublin. Here in St Peter’s a Funeral Mass can take place Monday to Saturday morning at 10.30am.


Points to remember when reading:

  • Always read slowly and distinctly.
  • At the end of the reading pause for three seconds before saying: “The Word of the Lord”.
  • Announce the Psalm in these words: “The response to the Psalm is..”. 

Other elements of the Mass to consider include:

  • Music, including an organist and vocalist
  • Offertory Procession – usually 2-4 people to carry forward the bread, wine, vessels.

It is important to discuss these options with the priest celebrating the Funeral Mass. For example, funerals which take place during the Easter season can have special readings with a stronger emphasis on the Resurrection.