St Peter's Church



Lent begins today (Wednesday, 17th February).  Mass on Ash Wednesday will be live-streamed at 10.30am.  As it is not possible to distribute blessed ashes directly, ashes will be blessed at this Mass and will be available in individual containers in the Church for people to take home with them for themselves and immediate family living with them.  As you place the blessed ashes on your forehead in the sign of the cross, you might say the following:  Lord, turn my heart to you, live in me and help me to live more fully my faith in you.  Amen.

 It is likely that much, if not all, of Lent will remain under the present Level 5 or similar restrictions.  To assist all of us on our Lenten journey Lenten talks will be live-streamed each Wednesday at 7.00pm and the Stations of the Cross each Friday at 7.00pm.  The link for these and for daily Mass is

Please note also that the Church is open each day after the 10.30am Mass until 6.00pm to facilitate personal and private prayer and devotion.