St Peter's Church


Donations & Parish Contributions

Sincere thanks for your support to the running costs of the Church throughout the months of the pandemic and for your regular Sunday offerings. Although income has declined considerably throughout the year we are very grateful for all your gestures and generous efforts to support the Church. All who use the parish envelopes, 60% of you would have received new boxes. If you haven’t received yours or you are new to the parish and wish to receive a box please contact the parish office @ 01 838 9708 or email

There is also an alternative option to contribute online through the DONATE BUTTON on our parish website

This option allows you to contribute to:

• Parish Offering (envelopes)
• Sunday Mass – 1st Collection
• Christmas Dues
• Mass Intentions
• General Donation

If you require further information or assistance with the online option please contact the parish office by phone or email.