St Peter's Church


South Transcept Repairs

Restoration work on the South Transcept of the Church is now complete. This scheme of work involved the removal of all the cresting along the entire length of the apex of the roof as well as the aprons which hold the cresting in place. Much of the ironwork in both cresting and aprons had rusted and could become hazardous.


The cresting along the apex of all the rooves of the Church is decorative but as part of the structure and embellishment of what is a listed building, has to be maintained.


What is cresting? The cresting – is the decorative railing which runs along the apex of the rooves of the Church. The aprons are the curved panels on which the cresting rests – all painted brilliant white.


As the south transcept (NCR side covering the Sacred Heart Altar and seating in front of it) is longer than the north transcept (Cabra Road side covering the Miraculous Medal Shrine and associated seating) the scheme of works took longer.


The restored cresting is seen to best advantage when approaching the Church along the NCR from the direction of the Post Office.